The Fabricant Decentralised Fashion Future

Imagine a future that belongs to creators, one where we remove history’s gatekeepers and build a new economy where our financial rewards are finally equal to our talent.

In this digital future, a kid in Dakar stands as much chance as a kid in Paris of becoming an influential fashion force, with the tools to bring their ideas to life and a network of supporters that promotes, distributes and sells their work.

Artists will become the tastemakers, curators and patrons of each others’ work, determining the value of creativity on our terms instead of centuries-old ideas of worth calling the shots.

We’ll call it the RenaiXance. A new era where we become one another’s most vocal cheerleaders, giving back to our fellow creatives while raising one another up and enabling those with less resources.

Collaborations will happen in real time across the planet, digitally connecting to build multi-creator pieces that gave each of us the chance to be recognised and monetise our efforts for the long term.

We’ll dare to become self-sufficient, turning our backs on the systems and institutions that seek to define the rules of engagement, so they can maintain a status quo that works inevitably in their favour.

With this future in our own hands, we can make our own strategies, our own currencies, and our own structures, building autonomous organisations committed to making things equitable for all participants.

The endless toil and hustle won’t just earn us a living but contribute to building a new creative economy that gives back to us as much as we give to it.

Imagine if all of this was possible right here, right now, and a viable plan actionable through technology and collective determination.

This is not some misty-eyed creative fantasy, this is the reality available to all of us through blockchain, crypto and the global market for NFTs.

We’re committed to making the decentralised environment central to everything we do. As our co-creators your participation is not only required but essential to making it happen.