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Expanding to Ethereum and taking the fashion industry with us

We are expanding fashion into the heart of web3 and the Ethereum ecosystem.

The Fabricant was founded in 2018, from a desire to reinvent the Fashion Industry, helping to realize a new sector of digital clothing that is more sustainable, equitable and creative.

Currently, there are no more questions about the validity of our digital identities; we are all living digital lives, where digital fashion is enhancing our expression, engagement and identity. One billion people are attending video calls regularly, nearly a billion individuals are utilizing augmented reality filters on social media platforms, and Fortnite, which exclusively sells digital skins, stands as one of the world's leading fashion brands.

In the Fabricant platform, physical fashion brands are benefiting from a new business model, sustainable practices and access to new audiences. Independent designers are proving that it is viable to launch a business with only talent and a computer.

For us, the time is right to expand to the heart of web3, where decentralization is at the core, where like-minded entrepreneurs are building, where communities are being formed. We are expanding into the Ethereum ecosystem.

As we relaunch our platform with Cross-Mint, we are opening to a larger range of possibilities to enable mass adoption:

More on offer

We are opening the platform to the best and boldest brands and creators who want to extend their presence in the digital realm.

Easy experience

An easy and elegant UX, with a large range of payment possibilities from crypto to credit card, not exclusive to crypto wallets.

Wear everywhere

From augmented dressing and digital patterns to metaverse integrations and video calls (coming soon).

The Ethereum Ecosystem offers the tools, developers, entrepreneurs, fashion brands, creators and users who can make the collaborative fashion chain come to life to fully reboot the physical fashion model.

We facilitate. We build. We collaborate.

Together, we will be leading the fashion RenaiXance…direct to avatar, digital only, phygital…are all being made available to physical brands, independent designers or anyone who desires to create a digital fashion label.

Those willing to be part of it, understand and appreciate that whatever we do, we will be breaking new ground together!