What is next in digital fashion?

Trends in digital fashion

What happened in the last five years and what is next for Digital Fashion?

INTO THE DEEP is an investigation by The Fabricant and The Naked Collector into the past of digital fashion and its upcoming trends over the next 5 years. Digital fashion is about to become everyone's go-to, welcoming mainstream adoption, and unlocking new business models for the entire fashion sector.

What happened in the last 5 years?

A lot has happened since the start of the digital fashion sector with the inception of The Fabricant in 2018. Over the past five years, traditional fashion brands and the Web3 natives joined forces, creating a dynamic landscape of innovation.

In the early years, a surge of Web3 startups crashed onto the scene, disrupting the fashion industry with novel models that flipped the script.

Starting in 2021, heavyweight fashion brands have entered the space, employing a mix of spontaneous trials and meticulously planned strategies. Their aim? To learn and attract the attention of wealthy Web3 collectors.

Recently, the scene has been evolving. Established fashion giants are teaming up with native Web3 players, turning the industry into a dynamic collaboration. User experiences are being enhanced and fashion items are gaining intrinsic value that justifies their prices, moving beyond mere hype.

We are entering the new Fashion frontier. More Creative, Profitable and Sustainable Than Ever Before.

Kerry Murphy, CEO The Fabricant

What is next?

In the next five years, we predict that mainstream adoption of digital fashion will be reached through the power of converging forces.

It isn't about new trends but the acceleration of existing shifts fueled by tech breakthroughs, regulatory updates, consumer preferences and economic opportunities. These forces, when combined, are set to redefine not just our wardrobes but the very fabric of the fashion industry. Consumer adoption will be fueled by omnipresent avatars, increased supply of items and seamless digital styling occasions.

The major players will not be the only winners. A wave of new digital-native brands will be crashing the runway, while traditional brands will double down on their investments. Our virtual wardrobes will be filled with a wide range of fashion styles and fresh design perspectives.

More profitable and sustainable business models will emerge, leveraging blockchain and immersive technologies, extending brand IP beyond the physical limitations. We're about to witness the fashion renaissance – more creative, more profitable and more sustainable than ever before!