The Fabricant DEEP Collection

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When Computers and Humans Co-create

We asked the question, can computers be creative? Can an algorithmic process of trial and error lead to creativity? What happens when a computer and a human work together to design a collection?

DEEP/2017: The Beginning

The DEEP/2017 original collection was born out of a collaboration between The Fabricant and Tthe Asimov institute, a non-profit AI research institute. The goal was to explore the relationship between deep learning and creativity. The algorithm was fed with 1500 images from Paris Fashion Week 2017 shows, and by employing trial and error, it generated 2D pixelated images that served as inspiration for the collection. The Computer was the muse for the Creative Director Amber Jae Slooten. She was inspired by the new silhouettes and shapes which were used as the basis for her digital fashion items. This synergy between man and machine laid the foundation for a design process that merged human ingenuity with artificial intelligence.

DEEP/2023: Redefining Collaboration

With new advancements in generative artificial intelligence, The Fabricant sought to reimagine our collaboration with the machine. The DEEP/2023 reinterpretation utilized the newest AI tools such as Midjourney, Adobefirefly, Stable Diffusion, Comfyui . This new arsenal of AI-powered creativity took the concept of collaboration to new heights. Instead of pixelated images, the computer now generated highly detailed garments and scenes. The designers at The Fabricant took these generated images, designed further and fed the new ideas back to the computer. The process became iterative and cooperative, blurring the lines between man and machine.

The tools have progressed so much that we evolved from Creators to Curators.

Kerry Murphy, CEO The Fabricant

As the relationship between humans and computers intensifies, we witness a shift in roles. We evolved from creators to curators - harnessing the potential of machine intelligence to inspire new ideas. The machine evolved from muse to become a co-creator, providing a large range of fresh design possibilities.

Design is evolving to be a process of embracing, building upon and curating ideas. As fashion design is democratized, the difference between good and bad will be defined by taste and attitude. New fashion creators will emerge but only those with creativity and vision will prevail.

Don't finish where the computer ends. Dare to continue and establish your mark.